Water Reclamation


Cheyenne, WY 82001

(307) 635-3163

Reclaims and restores wastewater making it safe for release into Crow Creek. Provides additional treatment to produce recycled water that is used to irrigate parks and athletic fields.

Name Title Email Phone
Hughes, Jim Water Reclamation Manager (307) 635-3163
Barkell, Chet Biosolids Program Coordinator (307) 635-3163
Clark, Phil Plant Supervisor (307) 635-3163
Johnson, Ken Industrial Pretreatmen Coordinator (307) 635-3163
Loader, Kent Lab Supervisor (307) 635-3163
Maestas, Leo Plant Supervisor (307) 635-3163
Sweeney, Mick Office/Lab Compliance Programs Assistant (307) 635-3163