Guiding Documents

Current Projects

The committee is currently working on several projects, including:

Presentation:  Greenway History & Future Plans (2013)

High Priority Project Conceptual Plan Sheets pp. 65-78  (large file)

    Converse Avenue:  Grand View to Dell Range     
     Downtown Connector
     I-25 Greenway Connector    
    Polk Avenue     
     South Park Extension:  I-80 to Crow Creek        

Belvoir Ranch Master Plan (2008)
    20,000 acre open space purchased by City in 2003
    Includes several miles of equestrian, bike & pedestrian trails

2007 Greenway Extension Plan
    Holliday Park Connection (complete)
    Sun Valley Detention Area
    South Sections

Greater Cheyenne Greenway Extensions (1999)
    Avenues Connection
    Downtown Connection
    Sun Valley Connection (complete)

Crow Creek West Extension
Presentation: Southeast Trail