Property Information/Zoning

Do you want to know how a particular property is zoned? Access the County Assessor Mapping site here for property information.

The Property information page should look like this:

Property Map

Under the search tab at the top, type in the street address. If you do not know the address you can type in the Subdivision name or locate the property on the map by zooming into the area of interest (use the magnifying glass icons to pan in and out).

Click “Map It”. You will be able to view property information by clicking “Property Detail” under the info tab on the right-hand menu or click on the layers tab to view the property’s zoning. Simply click the box to activate the desired layer.

As far as what the implications of that zoning may be, you will need to look at the Unified Development Code (UDC). Specifically, Chapters 5 and 6. If you are still in need of assistance, please call us at (307) 637-6282.