Clarify, Streamline, Improve (CSI) Initiative

Clarify, Streamline, Improve (CSI)

CSI is the Development Office’s initiative to provide expedited services to customers and improve the planning and development processes. Efforts to reduce and streamline development approval timeframes will be added to this page.

Community Development Processes and Permitting Best Practices

In June of 2015, Community Builders, Inc. (CBI) was asked by the City of Cheyenne Planning Services Director to analyze best practices and make recommendations for the City to improve their planning and development processes. The ultimate goal of the Development Office is to implement the recommendations suggested in the report. Download the report here.

Reports – COMING SOON!

We provide a number of reports to give perspective on development activity in the City. These reports will be used to report out the number of applications processed in addition to our performance and approval timelines for administrative processes. Reporting should help us identify areas of delay to improve efficiency and keep us accountable to our commitment to reduce plan review cycle time.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

How are we doing? We appreciate the opportunity to have served you and want our services to be delivered at the highest standard of excellence. Your feedback will assist us in making quality improvements. Please take a few minutes to completely fill out the survey below; all responses are confidential.

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