Planning Services

The Planning Services Department is responsible for long-range city planning, transportation planning, building department services and historic preservation.
Planning Services


Urban Planning Division

The Urban Planning Division offers broad, long-range planning, economic development, coordination and implementation projects including PlanCheyenne and also includes Historic Preservation.

Greater Cheyenne Greenway

A 10-foot wide grade-separated, detached, reinforced concrete path. More than just a fancy sidewalk, the Greenway serves as a safe and accessible recreational corridor; a key component of the non-motorized transportation system; an open-air science, ecology, history, and health classroom for students of all ages; and a vital public space integral in building sustainable, vibrant and healthy neighborhoods and a cohesive community. The man made and natural barriers that traditionally divide a community are the same corridors the Greater Cheyenne Greenway has employed to connect neighborhoods, school districts, and socioeconomic divides. From Sun Valley to Western Hills; Downtown to Harmony Meadows; LCCC to the Pointe; the Greenway is a path for all neighborhoods.

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

The MPO is a regional transportation planning division covering Cheyenne and the surrounding area and coordinates with Cheyenne, Laramie county and Wyoming Department of Transportation. Here you will find traffic counts, crash data, current and past plans relating to transportation, ranging from corridor plans, wayfinding to bicycle plans.

Building Safety Division

The Building Safety Division is responsible for enforcing the International Building Codes and licensing Building contractors working within the city. This protects the citizens and provides a safe and healthy environment throughout the city.

Permit & Project Status Online

Permit and Project Status Online is a public access point for viewing information on current and past development project around town. This is useful for the general public as well as for status updates for project applicants.

Additional Information

The Engineering Department has information on specific street projects, requirements, and specifications relating to traffic management and street design and stormwater management. Housing and Community Development for information of CDBG and related programs. Parks and Recreation for park and trail systems as well as programs. Public Works for information ranging from sanitation and recycling to street maintenance to transit.